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Our company is proud of its 30 years of service in translation and like French wine, we have improved with age!

We at Omnicom Translations Calgary have one objective: to provide the best and most accurate document translation services worldwide. Since 1974, we have won an enviable reputation based on the thousands of assignments we handle annually for a varied list of clients in Canada, the United States and worldwide.

We give individual attention to every job, check our work for accuracy, deliver it on time and follow through with proofreading after typesetting.  Our list of assignments covers industrial, medical, legal, financial and technical translations.  Businesses recognize the need for our services as it is important to provide customers with technical and descriptive literature in the language they require. With modern global communications, high quality translations are a critical component to effective and comprehensive communication.

Executives and experienced managers rely on a translation company to accurately reproduce their documents in one or more other languages. It is a relationship based on trust, because unless the client is fluent in the language in question, the translation cannot be checked. Producing an accurate translation requires several levels of review – a meticulous and comprehensive process which may be beyond the means of some of the smaller, less experienced translation agencies. An agency’s capacity to conduct effective quality control should be an important consideration in its choice.

Whatever your translation needs are, you’ll enjoy highest quality services and best prices in the industry. Guaranteed. Some examples:

- Judgment Translation Service
- Academic Degree Translation Services
- Naturalization Papers Translation Service
- Immigration Documents Translation Services
- Divorce Certificate Translation Services
- Diploma Translation Service
- Adoption Papers Document Translation Services
- Birth Certificate Translation Services
- Power of Attorney Translation Service
- Police Record Document Translation Services
- Legal Contract Translation Services
- Marriage Certificate Document Translation Services
- Translation of wills

Since 1974, we have been successfully providing document translation services in following areas:

- Government Translation
- Financial Translations
- Telecommunications Translation
- Defense Translation
- Energy Translations
- Automotive Translation
- Medical Translations
- Legal Translation
- Mining Translations
- Oil and Gas related translation
- Aerospace Translation
- Civil Engineering Translations
and more...

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